What are reed straws?

Fully natural reed straws

Reed is a tall grass-like plant of wetlands and it occurs in reed beds.These plants need to be cut every season so new reed can growback every year. The stem of the plant is hollow inside, whichmakes them perfect to use as a drinking straw

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Frequently Asked Questions about eco-friendly Reed Straws

Are eco-friendly reed straws gluten-free?

Yes reed doesn't contain gluten.

What happens if reed straws end up in the environment?

Our question to you would be: What happens if a plant ends up in the environment? These straws are literally just the stems of plants and are not harmful for the environment and animals.

How long does it take before the reed straws biodegrade? 

That depends on environmental factors: wind, water, temperature and ground. As they are literally the stalks of reed plant, they are produced by the nature.Therefore they are biodegradable and compostable without industrial installations.

What type of drinks are reed straws suitable for?

Reed straws have a diameter of ⌀6- 8 mm and ⌀9-11mm. Because of the wider diameter they are suitable for drnks such as:

milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails with crushed ice, slush, sodas, lemonades, normal cocktails, soft drinks and iced tea.

Can I choose a specific diameter of reed straws?

Reed straws are a natural product so we use what the nature provides. Each box contains straws with mixed diameters.

Reed straws are packed in boxes of:

6-8 mm and 9-11 mm.