Budgerigar aviary
Wire Breeding Cabinets

The Aviary

Mobile Cages

The Aviary is approximately six metres square and incorporates three internal flights, 36 Breeding Cabinets and a work/kitchen area.

The Aviary construction is a Primaflex Sheet lined timber frame on a concrete slab with a Stratco ‘Cooldeck’ Roof.

The walls are lined with R3.0 Insulation Bats as has Louvre Windows strategically located at either end of the Aviary to facilitate a flow of fresh air through the flights and across the breeding cabinets.

The aviary originally had three flights two were approximayely 1.5m * 2.5m and one 3m * 2.5m in size, and twenty four breeding cabinets. When I had my own business this was as many as I could comfortably maintain.

In July of last year 2009 I decided to increase the breeding cabinet capacity to 36. I had sold the business and retired and now had more time to look after an increased breeding program. This was achieved by constructing a partion wall in the largest flight and reducing its area to the same size as the other two flights. An additional twelve used wire cabinets were purchased from Rolf O’Dell and installed into the area made available by reducing the larger flight.

Kitchen / Work Area

The Kitchen / Work area contains a Mini fridge set into cupboards and has a sink with Hot (Electric Urn) and cold water from a water tank connected to the roof of the Aviary.
There are two mobile cages which are used to hold the Show Team whilst they are beig prepared for a show or used as ‘Nappy’ cages to house the Nestfeathers after they have been taken from the nest until they are old enough to be released into the flights.

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