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Budgerigar care
In retrospect I really have had three stages in my life as a Budgerigar breeder the first was when I became interested in budgies in the early fifties at the age of about eight or nine, when my home was  in Leichhardt, Sydney. My first budgies were a pair of yellows that my mother had purchased from the Haymarkets. That initiated a love of budgies that has lasted a lifetime.

They bred well and a pair of Blues were soon added. They bred so well that I built a second aviary,  although I was colony breeding I received a good grounding  in the care, feeding and breeding of  Budgerigars.

When I started work in 1958 I was travelling throughout country NSW and was away from home for long periods so the birds had to go.

The Second Stage began in the In the 1980’s my son Grahame came home from school with a pair of budgies that he had purchased from a classmate and asked me to build him a cage to keep them in. I built a 3×1.5 metre aviary instead. We decided to join a club (Western Area) and became the A & G Kent partnership. We purchased some Black Eyes and Clearwings from Peter Dodd. I moved up to more ‘mainstream’ varieties after Grahame left home to attend University at Armidale, NSW and never returned, gaining a wife and three degrees in the process.

I purchased birds from Neville Saege, Fred Cardona, Geoff Smith, Kewlyn Kakoschke and a number of Victorian breeders including Brian Dadd and Tom Daniels prior to the English Imports arriving. I went from Novice to Open in four years and was a consistent performer on the Show Bench over a number of years.I did not import directly from the UK, my first UK blood coming from Borg and Skivington purchases in 1991.

I relocated from Penrith to the Gold Coast in 1992 and went into my own business, the budgies had to take a back seat as I realised just how time consuming running your own business can be for the first time. Between 1992 and 1999 I was never without a few birds but did not show for many tears or even breed some years.

The Third Stage came in 1999 when during a chance meeting with a local breeder, who called into my shop. He informed me that the Nationals were being held on the Gold Coast that weekend. I decided to go along on the Sunday for a look and to catch up with some of my former budgie breeder mates from NSW.

The bug bit me again and over the next few years I moved house and built the present aviary and collected some nice specimens to recommence back in the hobby. I always had a passion for Normal Greens ‘Gods colour’ as they say.  I wa s able to purchase Moffat blood at an early Wynnum auction from BIll Boal, birds that had been bred from Neale Love’s Moffat imports. these were suplemented with birds fromVince Phillips and Joe Cormack who had also imported birds from Moffat.

Moffat modernised the look of his birds when he purchased five cock birds from Joe Mannes, I decided if it was good enough for him it was good enough for me so I hunted around for the prodiginy of Mannes imports and went half share in a syndicate of Manvell birds which have never had an outcross since he imported them in 1992. I am currently blending these bloodlines together to produce my ideal bird.

My goal is to produce this hybrid bird in numbers right across all the varieties in my aviary,  ever mindful of the feather problem minefield that seems to be  inherent with the modern faced budgerigar. I am at the start of the journey but I believe it is a journey of worthwhile pursuit.

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